Rural Mulching Solutions NT

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Tractor and Slasher Hire

Tractor and Post Hole Digger
Now digging post holes to 300mm.

Rural Mulching Solutions NT uses the John Deere 5075M  which is a 75 horse power 4WD tractor and 7 foot extra heavy duty Howard Slasher.

We also are now offering post hole digging and pipe laying up to 80mm.

CAL Accreditation and Fully Insured

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Forestry Mulcher Hire

The Mulcher
For turning trees into tooth picks.

The Mulcher

It's like a MAGIC TRICK there was a tree and then it's gone in a few minutes. With our AHWI forestry mulcher we can clear your property, or thin out over grown areas. Give Rural Mulching Solutions NT the chance to make your dreams a reality. We offer a wide range of attachments for all your property developments.

There are many reasons that someone would need to have a parcel of real estate cleared of overgrown vegetation and possibly trees. Some of those needs are pipeline and utility line right of ways, fence building, pasture reclamation, property surveying, fire breaks, wildlife habitat restoration and real estate development.

A commercial forestry mulcher has several benefits versus traditional land clearing methods when it comes to the environment. When you think of large, heavy machinery moving around on the ground you may have visions of deep rutting being left behind by the tracks. That is not the case with a forestry mulcher like that used by RMSNT. The track system that allows the mulcher to move across the ground distributes the weight of the machine evenly giving the machine a lower ground pressure than traditional machines. One of the effects of the low ground pressure is a reduced rutting that aids in soil retention and ground water runoff.

As the mulcher chips away at the growth it produces a nice bed of organic mulch that aids in soil retention. There is no need to burn or haul the debris away which would consume more resources and creates a fire danger. The best way to help the land recover after the process is to provide it with a blanket of organic mulch.

The next time you have a parcel of land to clear, leave the bulldozer at home and use a better solution. Make sure your contractor uses a low impact forestry mulcher to quickly, efficiently and responsibly clear the land.